The Pros And Cons Of Private Lessons

Mar 08, 2022
Private guitar lessons provide one-on-one, personal instruction to guide your musical growth.

Pros and Cons Of Private Lessons

In today’s world, it’s amazing how much information is literally at your fingertips.  There has never been a time in human history where there has been so much easy and free access to education, resources, and tools for you to learn and grow.  This is especially true in the area of music.  You can easily check out books, videos, tutorials, demonstrations, lectures, sheet music, recorded music and so many more tools to help you become a better musician.  

So why on earth would you want to spend money on a private teacher?

I used to answer that question with this simple statement: Your computer doesn’t talk to YOU!

Yes, you can see how things are played and listen to infinite examples, but you don’t get any feedback about YOUR playing.  Unless you’re doing remote lessons (which is just another form of Private Lessons..which we’ll talk about in another blog post), you are not being guided in what you need to focus on, what your strengths and weaknesses are, or  a proven methodology of musical improvement.  You can only get that with a private instructor. 

In other words, your private instructor is your musical guide, your coach, your personal trainer and your psychologist…all in one!

But don’t take my word for it.  Let’s do an old fashioned Pros and Cons list and see why it’s logical to find a person to work with you to achieve your personal musical goals.  

Pros Of Private Lessons 

You'll get one-on-one attention.  

You can work on your specific needs.  

A teacher will help you play w/correct technique...and avoid bad habits.  

You will most likely learn things much more quickly with a private teacher. 

Your teacher can provide you the motivation for you to practice, and they can also give you greater accountability for sticking with your practice assignments.  

You'll get instant constructive feedback.  

They can help you with your personalized lesson plans.  

Help you with your practice schedule and practice log.

A great teacher will inspire you to play well as give you support and encouragement.  

They can potentially minimize your frustrations.  

Finally, they can help you with goal setting. 


...and some of the Cons of taking lessons?  Well…


Cons Of Private Lessons

They cost money, which could be a big hurdle for many people.  

You also might get a mean or unmotivating instructor.  I know of many music students who have quit before because their “mean teacher” almost turned them off to music completely.  

And some instructors might even teach you some bad habits.  Believe me, I've had to fix many bad habits given to my private students by unqualified teachers. 

As you can see, the PROS of private instruction far and beyond outweigh the CONS.  In fact, out of the three Cons listed, we can remedy two of those simply by finding your Ideal Instructor (which, once again, we’ll talk about in a later blog post).

So, regardless of how much information you have at your immediate disposal, getting a trained, knowledgable, inspiring and supportive private teacher can help you organize your Practice Ritual, push you to practice consistently and help you create your new musical you in the shortest amount of time.  

Consider it a worth-while investment in yourself that will yield massive dividends of happiness and pride.  You’ll never, ever regret it!

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