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"Why Do I Need This Right Now?"

Well, does any of this sound like you?

"I want to play better."
"I'm getting frustrated with my playing."
"I feel like I've hit a plateau."
"I'm not inspired to practice my instrument."
"I don't have the tools that will help improve my playing."
"Practicing is boring."
"I don't know how to get better on my instrument."

"I want to solo better."
"I need a better practice routine."
"I can play my instrument pretty well...now what?"

"It seems everyone plays better than I do."
"I want to play with other musicians and bands."
"I'm not 'talented' enough to get better on my instrument."

If any of this sound like you,
you're ready NOW!


That's because if you're frustrated with your musical progress, there's one reason and one reason only:  

It's not WHAT you are practicing...
it's HOW you are practicing.  

Practice Warriors is the only music site that focuses solely on teaching the best practice, motivation and skill-based strategies, so you can start to become the musician you've always dreamed you can be!

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Your Practice Warriors Guide

Multi-instrumentalist Christopher Maloney has spent decades researching musical and personal development, studying the most effective music practicing techniques, interviewing hundreds of top educators and musicians, and creating the tools and methods for people of all ages and skill levels to achieve their best musical selves. The Practice Warriors Membership Site is the culmination of all this real-world experience. So, what is his experience?

  • Recorded/Performed with Dweezil Zappa, Lisa Loeb, and members of Journey, INXS, Tears For Fears, Earth Wind & Fire, Savage Garden, Poison, Porcupine Tree, New Kids On The Block, Alan Parsons Project, UFO, Enuff z’Nuff, Nelson, Special EFX and many more.
  • A former instructor and Department Chair at the world-renowned Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, a published author with Hal Leonard Publishing, an international clinician, and the owner of a private music school, many of Maloney's students have gone on to great careers in music, including gigs with Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Sara Bareilles, Fall Out Boy, 30 Seconds To Mars, Liz Phair, A Perfect Circle, Lifehouse and many others.
  • Three-time ASCAP Awards Plus winner with original songs being licensed in over 50 countries. These songs have also been featured on American programs such as Saturday Night Live, Biography, NBC Sports, CNN specials and more. 
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Your Membership Includes: 


Our 14-Unit video class will teach you anything and everything about the art of practicing music.  Once you complete our Masterclass, you will be on your way to becoming the New Musical You!

Musicianship Videos

Peruse hundreds of regularly-added practice videos that cover all the areas you need to level up your playing, such as Timing, Scales, Soloing, Improvising, Rhythm, Theory, Dynamics, Reading, Chords/Arpeggios and MORE!

Rockstar Q&A

These entertaining, regularly-added interviews give you incredible insight into how the top pro musicians (who play with the biggest names in the business) built their skills, overcame their challenges and what advice they can give you. 


Join our community to interact with your fellow Practice Warriors to share your experiences and gain valuable insight from others just like you.     

Musical Resources

We give you everything you need for practicing success, including a downloadable Practice Log, a downloadable Masterclass workbook, and hundreds of musical sources and tools. 

Live Q&A

Practice Warriors LIVE is where you get to interact with the PW staff in real time during our recurring live stream Question and Answer sessions. 

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🤔 "I never really know what I should be practicing.”

🤔 “I don't know what my musical goals are.”

🤔 “I really don't know how often I should practice.”

🤔 "I have no idea if I'm even making any progress”

🤔 “How long should I practice? Is there a specific amount of time?”

🤔 “How do I know if I'm practicing the correctly or not?” 


🤘We show you the specific steps to build the skills YOU want to learn and play right away.

🤘We’ll help you discover EXACTLY what you want your new musical self to look like…and help guide you there!

🤘We show you how to set up the perfect schedule, so you never miss a day of playing if you don’t want to.

🤘You’ll mark your daily progress in our Practice Log, and see your improvement with your own eyes!

🤘We teach you how to become a great musician without having to practice hours a day.

🤘You’ll never doubt your methods again once Practice Warriors teaches you the exact learning strategies of today’s top players.

Become The New Musical You Today!

What Do Our Members Say?

Our Practice Warriors members come from all over the world.  These musicians play guitar, bass, piano, keyboards, drums, saxophone, trumpet or any other brass, woodwind or percussion musical instrument.  The methods taught in Practice Warriors are NOT instrument-specific, and are appropriate for musicians at all levels:

  • Beginner: Learn how to practice efficiently, effectively and have FUN...right from the start.
  • Intermediate: You'll finally get over that hump, off that plateau and start playing better than you ever imagined.
  • Experienced: We'll get you to deepen your playing, master difficult concepts and put you at the top of your game. 

Dale T.
(Music Teacher)

"I think it's genius.  It'll get your music practice really dialed in.  I'm going to promote the heck out of this!"

Emily M. 
(Single, Working Mom)

"Practice Warriors has made me a better steward of my life! I view practice of all kinds differently now. It’s the real deal!!!”

Dr. Larry G.
(Retired Adult)

"I thought that I just wasn't 'talented' enough to be a good musician.  You gave me all the info I needed to build my skills."

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