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Find out how the pros built their skills, overcame their challenges, and what advice they can give to you.  


Our Practice Warriors ASSEMBLE forum allows you to give and receive insight to your fellow Practice Warriors.  

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Practice Warriors LIVE is where you get to interact with the PW staff in real time during our live stream Question and Answer sessions. 

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If you're frustrated with your musical progress, there's one reason and one reason only:

 It's not WHAT you are practicing...'s HOW you are practicing.  

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Dale T.
(Music Teacher)

"I think it's genius.  It'll get your music practice really dialed in.  I'm going to promote the heck out of this!"

Emily M. 
(Single, Working Mom)

"Practice Warriors has made me a better steward of my own life!  I view practice of all kinds differently now.  It’s the real deal!!!”

Dr. Larry G.
(Retired Adult)

"I thought that I just wasn't 'talented' enough to be a good musician.  You gave me all the info I needed to build my skills."

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Meet Your Practice Warrior Guide

A world-wide touring and session musician with the biggest names in music, an educator with over 30 years experience with wildly successful students, an award-winning singer-songwriter with songs placed in over 50 countries, and an inspiring (and sometimes silly) motivator who will help you become your best musical self, Christopher Maloney is the perfect guide on your path to becoming a Practice Warrior! 

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